Top 10 Trigonometry Homework Tips For College Students


Trigonometry is one of the most interesting subjects in Algebra and is also one of the easiest subject to score full marks in. However, unlike conventional mathematics and algebra trigonometry doesn't require too much logic instead you just need to focus on memorizing some important formulas and have some rationale in your reasoning. That's why today, I will show you ten basic trigonometry tricks that every college student should know which will help in completing their homework.

The 10 Trickmandments:

Without further due, let's have a look at the ten best tips and tricks to help solve your trigonometric problems.

  1. First of all, you should be well aware of what a right angle is and the different types of right angles.
  2. Secondly, you should know that and can clearly differentiate between a hypotenuse, opposite and adjacent because even slightest confusion over here could result in wrong answers.
  3. You should also thoroughly review the sum of angles and their differences.
  4. If any equation can be expanded, then it is recommended to expand them
  5. Remember, factorization of numerators and denominators is crucial.
  6. You can remember the trigonometric formula through the use of the following sentence "Some people have curly brown hair till painted black." Here, the first alphabets of the first three words are the sine formula, and the same process applies to the cosine and tangent formula.
  7. Always use the scientific calculator with the most advanced functions to ease your calculations.
  8. Always do your work with a pencil first and only fair it with a pen after you are certain you’ve got the answers right.
  9. Geth HELP! Yes, you read that right. Refer to online homework helping sites to assist you or you can even hire a professional to do your assignment for you.
  10. You can also watch youtube videos to clear your concepts or learn new tricks which have been omitted from this article.


As you can see that the tricks and tips mentioned above are highly sufficient, and many users have found them to be pretty effective in solving trigonometric solutions quickly and correctly. If you have a trick which is not mentioned here, do tell us about it. In the meantime, If you follow only half of these tricks you will see a dramatic change in your performance and effectiveness.