How To Tackle Your Pop Art Homework Easily: Effective Guidelines

Pop Art was born in Great Britain not too long after World War II. Some of the post war marketing pieces became inspiration for this trend. There were several people who joined together to create the Independent Group. This group began to take visuals from American culture and use them as a jumping off point for the pop pieces. The term was first used by two artist critics named Richard Hamilton and Lawrence Alloway. The trend took off and gained popularity in the 1950s. The art can use every day items from home such as a rug or a sofa pillow. One of the most famous of the movement was Andy Warhol. His idea and the others’ ideas were to challenge and break boundaries in the field. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has an extensive display and time line of the period. You can check out the agenda at the website. If the class is offered in your school, you may have homework. Use our tips in order to complete that work quickly.

Tips on How to Tackle Your Homework Easily

  • Teacher Instructions-since the assignment could come in many forms, make sure to carefully follow the teacher’s directions. You could be writing a paper on Richard Hamilton or copying a Warhol soup can painting. If you need to look at the image you might be mirroring, just check online, the samples should be very easy to locate.

  • What Medium-are you sketching, making a collage, or working on a three dimensional piece? Find the medium and then search for photos of examples online in order to find inspiration for your work of pop.

  • Have fun-it has been shown that art can relieve stress. Have fun as you create your masterpiece and try not to focus on perfection. Very few of the pieces of the time could be called perfect.

  • Look at the master’s of the movement-if visualizing what your work looks like is difficult for you, then do research online for works from the masters and the legends of the time period. Looking at an example will help with your comprehension.

  • Art tutor-most creative teachers are also tutors. If you are super serious about your work and wish to comprehend and move ahead quickly, then consider getting a tutor for this class.