10 unusual biology term paper topics

Try and think why you took biology in the first place. Now ask yourself in what direction you’re going with the subject. You should feel spoilt for choice with the oodles of topics available for an interesting essay. But if you want to be original and add a bit of a shock factor to your paper, then take a look at these unusual biology topics, and see if any of them would be something you’d enjoy researching and writing on.

  1. Concerning manure
  2. Take a standpoint and thrash out some of the benefits we’ve lost by using chemicals as fertilizer rather than natural animal manure. This would be a great paper to read in relation to the eco-friendly trend present in our time.

  3. Weird methods bugs use to pollinate plants
  4. Wasps die when they pollinate plants by laying their eggs inside of them. Discover some other facts about the relationship between bugs and plants and perhaps even take an environmental approach to the endangering of bees around the world.

  5. Lucky lobsters don’t die of old age
  6. What makes the lobster so special? The only way for them to die is for them to actually be killed. There are other creatures who share this same admirable quality. Examine it for some controversial life and death discussion.

  7. Watching grass grow
  8. This can be a catchy title to simply discuss the dynamics of plant growth. The title will make the reader wonder what the paper is about and draw them into a much more interesting subject that won’t be as boring as watching grass grow.

  9. Why can’t cats digest hairballs?
  10. This title is a great introduction to discuss the digestive system of various animals. Do lots of research and entice the reader with some enjoyable investigative facts.

  11. How much saliva do you swallow in a day?
  12. Discuss the various factors, necessities and processes human saliva entails. The title will definitely make an impact on the reader and him or her hooked.

  13. How do angler fish mate and other sea creature facts
  14. This title is a bit long, but will certainly hook the reader. Delve into some interesting facts about the bizarre mating rituals of sea creatures, and discuss some of the mysteries of the deep that are still unsolved.

  15. The amazing memory of your nose
  16. The nose can remember 50 000 different smells. Elaborate on this and research some of the specifics that surround the nose, smells, and how the brain interprets different scents.

  17. The mystery of cracking your knuckles
  18. Here’s a good one. No one knows for sure why cracking your hand knuckles makes the sound it does, or why people get into the habit of continually doing it. Explore and research some of the theories surrounding this phenomenon and formulate some of your own opinions.

  19. Over 7 billion organisms live on your skin
  20. Discuss the billions of living bacteria and mites that reside on the skin of just one human being. With 7 billion subjects, you’re sure not to run out of material on this fascinating biology topic.