How Much Time Do You Need to Spend on Your Homework


When thinking about homework, we often wonder how much time needs to be actually dedicated to homework. The common rule of thumb is for every hour spent in class, three hours should be spent outside of class in additional study. This obviously fluctuates based on the class’s level of difficulty, but this a good rule of thumb for your study preparation. The real answer to the question, “How much time do you need to spend on your homework?” is, “However long it takes.” So, how much time will it take? We address that question below, as well as some other helpful guidelines for assisting you in getting your homework complete.

  • How Much Time Will it Take?
  • So, you are curious about how much time you should spend on your homework. If you are asking this question, chances are you are not too clued in to what is going on in class. You should have a firm grasp on what is going on in your class, and what you need to do to achieve success. Whether this means extended study sessions need to be dedicated to homework or if the assignment can be quickly completely shortly before the deadline is determined by you. Only you know how prepared you may or may not be, and if you feel more time needs to be dedicated to your homework in order to understand then more time should be designated for homework.

  • Importance of Timely Work
  • Once you have determined how much time should be spent on your homework, you should be able to keep this up. A good way of staying ahead of the ball and making sure you always have plenty of time is to keep up with the work. Many teachers discourage working ahead, but you can at the very least keep up with your reading and homework. By keeping up with your lessons and reading, you will have more time to dedicate purely to homework. Homework allows you to master skills taught in the lesson—so homework is important. It is your chance to practice before quizzes or tests, so make sure to give yourself sufficient time to dedicate to homework.

Answering the question of how long you need to complete homework is a tricky question. The better prepared you are and the better tuned in you are in class—the less time you will likely need to complete homework. Consider how much time the homework will take to complete and how well prepared you are to determine the amount of time that should be dedicated to work.