Why Homework Should Not Be Banned and How to Come to Terms with It

It’s easy to think that homework assignments have gone passed their intended uses. Technology has made cheating too easy making homework more of a challenge in regards to who can find the answers quicker than the next student. The reality is that homework is an essential part of students’ overall education, and it should be taken seriously. One shouldn’t expect to learn the skills that come from daily assignments if one simply copies the correct answers without proper application.

  • Connecting it to “Home School”
  • More and more families are switching to a home school technique where students attend regular classes but then follow through on curriculum that is given at school – meaning homework. It’s a way to measure home-schooling compared with all that is occurring in school.

    Assignments that are in-line with home school lessons establish a connection between what could be considered “work” and “home” and prepares students for an easier transition to a professional career as they acquire the experience of balancing life and work in their free time.

  • Daily Assignments Build Work-Habit
  • Routine builds habits that can help as one moves into their professional careers. There are several reasons to continue to assign homework, but one that is often overlooked is that of positive habit reinforcement. It’s not often that people find careers where they can spend several of hours of work and then call it quits when they get home.

    Daily assignments will keep students’ minds active for more hours throughout the day. This sustained brain activity keeps them sharp across other aspects in their lives. Completing tasks quickly and efficiently, both school and non-school related, will become natural and thus lead to more productivity throughout.

  • Reinforcement of Lessons
  • More and more teachers are unable to keep up with the demands of instructing full classrooms of students that are, unfortunately, ill-prepared to keep up with the demands of a standard education. To take away homework would hinder teachers even more. Giving regular assignments let teachers gauge exactly how well not just one student is doing but how the class is down as a whole. Lessons can be adjusted to fit accordingly and the level of overall education will improve.

    No matter what side you are in the debate, homework will likely be around well past your time in school. So it’s a great idea to learn homework techniques to help you have less trouble, finish your work faster, and get better grades.