Middle School Homework Policy: General Rules To Be Observed

Middle Schools homework policies are put in place to make sure that the students and parents know what is expected of them when it comes to doing their homework.  This is usually found in the students handbook but can also be found on the school’s website.  And different policies vary from school to school but there are some general rules that are about the same for most schools.

General Rules That Most School Observe

When a school is making there homework policy there is a few things that are always in their policy, how much time should be spend on homework a night.  What happens when they are late with their homework and how long they have to complete homework if they are absent?  And how they are graded on there work that they complete.

  • How much homework is give to each grade level varies but most school give each grade level ten to fifteen minutes per grade level a night.  That means someone in middle school with is usually six – eight grade will have sixty to eighty minutes of homework a night.

  • The late policy on homework can vary also from school to school and teacher to teacher.  Some teacher will not expect late work, while others will deduct point per day after it is late.  And some school don’t expect it at all which results in a zero for the homework.

  • When a student is absent from school they usually have a set number of days that they can make up the work and this can vary on how long the student was absent.

  • There are two ways that most school use when grading their homework.  Some schools give students full credit if they complete the homework, while other actually grade it like a test and look for right and wrong answers.  This also can be used together depending on the assignment.

If you want to know exactly what your school’s homework policy is, you can check your child’s handbook or contact the school for more information.  As a parent you have to be knowledgeable with what is going on in your child’s school and if they are having trouble with handing in their homework.  This means keeping a dialogue with your child’s teachers and the school to ensure that they succeed in school.  Making sure that your child completes their homework every night can help you child do well in school and then they can avoid losing point or getting incompletes for not doing their assignments.