How to Do Your Homework Fast: An Effective Approach

If you are a well-rounded student, then free time can be difficult to come by. You could end up with a large amount of homework and very little time when you can do it. Try these homework tips to see if they can help you get the homework assignments completed quickly.


  • Use the school downtime: get used to using your bus travel time, your leftover lunchtime, and your end of class time to knock out the smaller assignments. Be smart with any extra time that occurs during the school day.
  • Use a planner: using a planner will help to keep you straight. The planner will prevent those unexpected due dates that you forgot about. Buying an attractive planner is not enough, you have to take it to school and you have to use it. Studies have shown that hard copy planners work better with high school students than phone or tablet planners.
  • Look ahead: it is important that you look ahead and work on the bigger projects slowly. Never wait until the last minute to finish or even start a large project.
  • Study buddy: have a study buddy in each class. If you have one, you can always contact them if you are absent or merely forgot about an assignment. Use the study buddy as a support system.
  • Check your locker before you leave school: stand in front of your locker and mentally do a checklist for every class you take. You need to make sure the right books make it home with you.
  • Prioritize: Keep your assignments listed by order of importance. This will enable you to know which work is most important and most likely to affect your grades. For lengthy projects, set aside a half hour each time for working on. Work on those projects last each night.
  • Ask your teacher about collaboration: teachers are becoming more receptive to students collaborating on work. Ask your teachers if this method is acceptable for homework. Splitting the work into half or even a third with classmates will make the job go quicker. If you are allowed to do this, pick your workmates carefully.

The next time homework overwhelms you and you have more work than time, try using these user-friendly homework tips to relieve the workload and to relieve the stress. Homework can be done thoroughly and effectively.