How to order expert math homework help for free

  1.  If you’re stuck with your math homework, my first suggestion would be to look back at your notes from class – everything you’ve been taught so far, should be building your math skills, so that you’re able to tackle your homework. So, look back at your notes and your textbook and see if you can find the relevant topic and similar exercises that you’ve tackled previously.

  2.  If you’re still stuck and need help, I would suggest you ask your fellow students in the class – it’s often a good idea to exchange email addresses with your class mates, so that you can draw upon each other’s help with homework – you could also form a study/revision group which will come in useful at exam time.

  3.  Ask your parents/guardians, relatives, and friends.

  4.  If possible ask your math tutor themselves – they’re there to help if you don’t understand something and they are the experts in the subject. Chances are if you’re stuck on your homework, your fellow students may be struggling too, but haven’t said anything yet. By speaking with your tutor this will allow them to assess whether all students should be given some additional help.

  5.  You could look up relevant books in the library for assistance with your topic

  6. There are many online places that can assist with your maths homework at no cost to you. They help with: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics homework. It allows you to type in your question, and has lots of math symbols you can select when typing your question. You simply click on answer and it will work out the correct answer for you. The downside to this is that it doesn’t show the workings-out unless you ‘upgrade’ which does have a cost of $19.99 a month, or $99.99 a year. Usually your tutors WILL want you to show your working out. However using the free version of the site to at least ‘get’ the correct answer lets you know what it should be, so that you can check your workings out. It’s still a useful tool and I think better than having the working-out done for you, because you DO need to learn how to do this for yourself. If you just simply pay for it all; this will catch up with you later down the line, when you sit an exam and don’t have the skills to work out the answers.

  7. There’s a website called ‘Homework Simplified’ that has a free download, which purports to have free K-12 math worksheets, practice tests, problem solvers and more.

  8. Sites sthat offer ‘Free Math Help’ also have a problem solver and a very useful discussion forum where you can discuss your problem online and other people can offer their advice.

  9. Currently there are free Key Stage 3 Maths homework videos on some websites

  10. You need to be 13yrs or older to access them. You DO need to have tried the homework problem yourself; they won’t just do it for you. You need to let them know where you’re stuck and what you’ve done so far. Post your problem on the site and people will try to help. It also has a useful search facility that you can look at to see if a similar question has been posted already.

  11. Final piece of advice is to really understand the workings out behind your problem. It’s one thing knowing the answer, quite another knowing how to work it out properly, so that you can apply this knowledge to future problems.