Why It’s So Hard To Deal With Statistics Assignment

In ideal situation, assignments are given out in order to equip you with extra practice and to provide you with a feedback on how you are handling the material. In cases whereby one cannot collect all assignments for crosschecking and verification then a voluntary assignment is issued for that matter. Statistics is simply a kind of research based methodology dealing with collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation. There are different causes of such difficulties when handling statistics assignments and they include:

  • Poor understanding of statistical concepts which may result from inadequate know how when dealing with such concepts.
  • Carelessness and lack of concentration and this makes one to carry forward wrong figure when solving a given problem and thus arriving at a wrong answer.
  • Over estimation of figures used in a certain problem and this has the effect of increasing the deviation and thus getting solutions which are outside the brackets of deviation.
  • There is also the aspect of developing a negative attitude towards statistics based problems by many students and this is the biggest challenge among many statistics students and it has the effect of making them think that they are unable to solve certain problems while in actual sense they have not even made a trial.
  • Poor management of time when the assignments are to be submitted within a calculated period of time. Statistics is basically a mathematically oriented discipline and time consciousness is very crucial when handling such cases.
  • Statistics is a stepwise discipline which involves data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation and the implication of this is that when one of steps is mishandled, then the final outcome of the whole research is bound to be faulty and thus arriving at wrong conclusions.

How to counteract such hardships.

  • Proper understanding and use of statistical concepts with prior research and certainty before their application. Consciousness while tackling statistical problems so as to reduce chances of using faulty figures from a previous calculation.
  • Use of modern scientific calculators so as to avoid too much rounding off of figure and this helps narrow down the deviation margin.
  • Have passion while handling statistical problems and this makes you appreciate your work and thus gaining more confidence on what you are doing.
  • Ensure that you stick to accuracy when collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting your data for more accurate results.