The 5 Most Effective History Homework Study Tips You Should Use

When studying history, students experience the toughest troubles that are connected with remembering multiple dates. All those battles, significant events, dates of birth and death, etc. makes students feel frustrated and desperate. However, there is nothing in the subject of history that cannot be remembered with the help of the following homework study tips.

  1. Tune your mind.
  2. To be effective with studying at home, you need to concentrate on studying and remove all other distracting factors. Turn off your cell phone, television, music, if possible, even your computer. Make sure that everyone knows that you are studying, and that they will not distract you from learning.

  3. Choose a starting point.
  4. It’s a good way to remember historic events and dates by choosing one most prominent event and using it as a landmark. Other events can be remembered as “several years before Day X” or “several years after Day X”. As you can see, the method is quite effective and it trains your ability to build logical chains of events in order to remember their sequence.

  5. Remember dates through biographies of prominent persons.
  6. If you are not that good in cause and effect connections, you can remember dates of significant events by certain landmarks in the life of personalities of that time. It’s an effective homework study tip, though, it requires much more devoted learning than the previous method.

  7. Use linguistic remembering methods.
  8. Have you ever noticed how language students learn new words? They put new words down, look through their notes very often, and actively use the new vocabulary in their speech. Have small cards for the most prominent events in history and describe them in a couple of words with dates. Look through these notes as often as you have a minute. Even once a day will give a positive result. The only drawback of this method is in more complicated connections between the dates, but if you are quite good at history in general, it won’t be too difficult for you.

  9. Find parallels and common features.
  10. If you have big troubles with remembering of dates, try finding common features that several events have. For example, there were battles that took place on the same day in different years. You can also remember dates, finding common features with your life, for example, a date when something significant in the history took place and the date of birth of some family members of yours, etc. Such historic paradoxes can make your life much easier.