How To Cope With English Homework For 7th Graders: Useful Hints

The 7th grade may feel like the most challenging academic year so far. Not only are your studies increasing, but you're also on the verge of growing up; so you'll have far more important distractions to attend to than focusing on homework! There are more pressures, and there's more homework. Great. Just great. It may seem like everything's getting on top of you, so just take a deep breath or three, find some calm and know that things can be a lot simpler than they may seem.

So how do you cope with the English homework you've been set?

  • If your assignment requires a lot of reading and studying before you begin writing it, make sure you allow yourself enough time. Get organized and create a study rota. If you end up not doing that reading you were supposed to do, you'll either have to try and cram it in or you'll be less informed for writing your paper. Either way, that's not good. So make a great plan and stick to it.

  • Give yourself plenty of breaks. There's no point in staring at a page for half an hour feeling bored, confused or tired. Walk away and have a snack- you'll be amazed at how much new energy you can then bring to the project.

  • If you feel that you have too much to cope with. That different teachers of different subjects are piling the pressure on and that you can't possibly fit it all in, then make sure you have an organized study system not just for the English assignment, but for all subjects.

  • Make sure you know where to find the answers to your English homework. Whether there are specific things you want to know or whether you just need to understand what approach you should be using in your paper, you can easily find the answers in your books, in the library, with online resources, or by asking a teacher. Organize yourself, so you feel competent and confident to tackle your essay.

  • If you still feel overloaded and overwhelmed with assignments and you're starting to be affected by the pressure, then go and have a chat with your tutor. There's no need to feel awkward in doing so- they'll be only too pleased to help, and they'll already be familiar with academic stresses. They may be able to give you some help in some shape that you hadn't even considered.

Equally, you can ask anyone else for help as well. Perhaps your parents or guardians know some secret study tips for keeping your sanity! Maybe you just need to offload- in which case, friends can sometimes be better than parents!