A Creative Approach To Your Science Assignments

In our last post we discussed some ways to make Science homework assignment more interesting. Today, we are going to examine 10 ways to creatively approach your science coursework!

  1. Embrace Creativity
  2. Come up with unique ways to approach problem-solving situations and to encourage your self to come up with creative solutions when responding to scientific questions.

  3. Choose Better Strategies
  4. Instead of doing things the same way all of the time embrace new opportunities and choose better strategies for learning the material. By understanding the different ways that people can learn you can actually train your self to study better which will improve your grades.

  5. Be Unique
  6. We are taught that in science there is only one right or wrong answer, however this does not mean that you cannot come up with unique ideas when studying science. Instead of cutting and pasting your responses try to come up with an original theory or response.

  7. Tap In To Your Emotions
  8. How does science make you feel? Sounds crazy but tapping into a personal response and relating to scientific topics can make the learning process a lot easier.

  9. Make Yourself An Aware Learner
  10. Instead of just reading the science text and regurgitating the information try being an aware learner. Think about applicable instances where the information that you are studying can be applied in real life. Remember, science is everywhere.

  11. Climb Out of The Box
  12. Consider this, if people didn't think outside of the box once in awhile no new scientific information would ever be discovered. Give yourself permission to think differently when looking at science problems. You may come up with a unique solution or response.

  13. Try Applied Learning
  14. If you don't understand a science topic in theory, try to understand it in application. Look for a visual aid, or real life instance where the scientific information that you are exploring comes into play.

  15. Make It Fun
  16. Do whatever it takes to make the science more interesting for you to learn about. If this means cracking jokes, or using humor to remember an idea go for it!

  17. Ask A Different Question
  18. Still not understanding a specific part of your science curriculum try asking different questions when looking at the information. Sometimes re-wording the problem is all that it takes.

  19. Learn To Love Science
  20. The moment that you learn to love science is the moment that you will finally begin to get something out of studying it. Instead of dragging your feat and resisting the learning process find something about science that you do like and embrace it. This may sound nerdy, but it really is the best way to approach your science assignments because you will naturally take more interest in them.