8 Helpful Suggestions On How To Create An Essay On Smoking

One of the major health concerns of this century is smoking. As such, it has become a controversial topic and if you have been asked to write an essay on smoking, you should rather see it as an opportunity to have your say as regards this controversy. Since smoking is a wide subject, you can narrow down your topic on why smoking should be banned in public places. If this seems interesting enough for you to write on, here are some helpful suggestions to help you create an interesting paper. They are as follows:

  • Search For Uncommon Information: As long as smoking is concerned, lots and lots of paper have already been written about it. For this reason, in order for your essay to stand out, you need to add something new to what you and other people already know about smoking. When you get uncommon facts and statistics, it would further solidify your argument in support of banning smoking in public places.
  • Search Through Reputable Sources: It is not every source you come across that would give helpful information. Therefore, only search for data on reputable sources like government health websites and books published by renowned scholars.
  • Take Notes: As you gather information towards writing your paper, take down notes of very importance sources, quotes, or data. This way, you don’t miss out on any valuable information.
  • Look For Sample Papers: This would help you to understand how to structure your paper. Samples from opposing viewpoints should also be analyzed since you need to make a fair argument.
  • Create Outline: This will help you properly plan how to arrange your points in way they don’t conflict with each other. It would also help you to write with ease.
  • Make Clear Definitions: You need to let your readers understand what makes a “public place”. Let them know if a park is any different from a bar. What about the streets and buses. Take your time to define your thesis statement.
  • Analyze Both Sides Of The Argument: In writing this type of essay, if you concentrate only on one side, your opinion will be biased. Write about the opinions from both sides as it relates to the subject matter.
  • Give Genuine Examples And Facts: In order to give more credence to your paper, there should be multiple examples and facts to back up your argument on banning smoking in public places. In various countries, there have been smoking bans in government buildings, open-air places and lots more.